Wednesday 2 November 2016

Softball Fridays

                                                Softball Fridays

We all know softball is a sport, well my class (rm15) plays that sport, it’s  fun, hard and it takes  team work. Every Friday my class goes to softball. We met our instructor Josh, he’s  fun.

He taught us 3 moves the monkeydile, alligator snap and butterfly. You have to use the butterfly catch when the ball is in the air and you have to use the alligator snap when the ball is on the ground that is the same as butterfly catch. It was sore because we didn’t have a glove and the ball was hard. After that Josh (our instructor) split us up in 4 teams and we played a game where we had to aim at the ball inside the square.

My name is Reana and I am playing for the girls softball team. I am trying out for pitcher. You throw the softball using a windmill technique and throw underarm. I am learning to throw it hard directly at the bat to strike them out.

By Reana


  1. Good luck Reanna! Be sure to use all the new skills coach has taught you!!

  2. Dear Reana,
    Me and my friend has never ever played softball in our life but we think it is fun.
    What is the Monkeydile catch because you didn't tell us.

    Kind regards

  3. Dear Reana,

    I have never played softball before. How do you play it? Is it fun? What time of day did you play it? Do you have winners and losers?

    From A.B

  4. Dear Reana
    my name is george I have never plad soiftball is it fun I play soccer its my favourite sport.