Sunday 6 November 2016

Cross Country

On Monday 31st of October all the students in the school had to do a run according to their year level. Year one and two’s run started on the field by the gate on the left, (everyone was sitting inside the field) then they had to go out the gate straight down past rm 13, past rm 10, cut by rm 6 then one lap of the field. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 had one lap of the field, outside the gate up the hill, past rm 10, around Mrs Funaki’s office then one more lap of the field (it was very tiring!).

The crowd was standing up, shouting the kids names and cheering. Everyone got in trouble mostly because they weren’t sitting down, mostly it was year 6 that got growled at. It was an exciting event, everyone got to run and be cheered on.

I was feeling pumped to run in the Cross Country. The thoughts that ran through my head were like get ready to run, don’t use your power on your first lap.

Congrats to everyone who ran.

By Raphael


  1. Dear Year Six,
    Was it fun there?
    Did you drink lots of water?
    Was it long?
    Were you hot?
    Did you run fast?
    Did you like it?
    Did you hate it?

  2. Dear Raphael,
    Did kindergarten participate in cross country? Did you have lots of hyderation? How long was the cross country? Why did you have cross country?

  3. Dear Raphael,
    We have done a race like that too,it was so fun that we called it the fun run my class gonna keep doing it for 4 more years

  4. Dear RapheL we do sport`s to at a carneaveL
    it is similer.

    kind regareds

  5. Dear Rapheal,
    Who won the Cross Country race? Did you enjoy the race? How long did it take you to cross the finish line?

    By S.D

  6. Dear Raphael,
    Who won the race?
    Did you listen to your thoughts?

    Kind Regards A.V and J.V

  7. Dear Raphael,

    did you get in trouble?who had won the race of cross country? How long was it altogather.

    kind regards,
    D.I and W.C

  8. Dear Raheael
    Did you come first in the race and did you enjoy.
    What did you enjoy the most in cross country?

    kind regards J.M A.N

  9. Dear Raphael,

    Did you have fun at the crossing country race and i was wondering how won at the crossing country?


  10. Dear Raphael,
    I am wondering how you can run that much, did you win the race.
    from S.S