Wednesday 2 November 2016

App testing

We are testing out an app on our iPads called Mythical Creatures -Eru & Gwaii for Kiwa and Arcania. It is about a New Zealand and Canadian myth or legend.  We have been reading the story and doing the follow up activities. We are really excited to find out more about the mythical creatures and give feedback on the app.

We can't tell you  too much about it just yet as they are still developing the app and we are some of the lucky ones to get a sneak peek!

By Jaydyn


  1. Dear Year 6,
    Hello I am from Australia in Year 2, what is the app used for? Is it fun? Is the app for your learning or just for entertaining people? Are you learning about mythical creatures?
    Kind Regards,
    C.H & H.V

  2. Daer Jaydyn,
    My favourti app is and my friends favourti app is piano tiles,whats your favourti app?
    when will the app Mythical Creatures be out in app store.How do you play Mythical Creaturs Jaydyn.

    Kind Regers J.N and K.I

  3. Dear Jaydyn,

    We are two girls from Australia in y2 and we want to ask you a couple of question about the app.What do you do on the app? Is it about a book that you can read on the ipad and you have to answer some questions about it? Is the app good so far? I have just downloaded a app called Chatterkid on my ipad.

    kind regards from C.H & A.N

  4. Dear Jaydyn,
    When will the app Mythical Creatures will be out in the app store?
    My favourite app is YouTube and other fun games and my friends favourite app is stop motion and other fun games.
    What is your favourite app,Jaydyn?

  5. Dear Jaydyn,
    I like using ipad's to learn new things. I love every technology lesson. I am so exited to test out your app i'm sure it will be good. When is app coming out?
    I hope we get to play your app.

    kind regards

    J.M and N.S

  6. Dear Jaydyn,

    What is in the sneak peek in the app?

    Are you one of the people that looked in the sneak peeks on the app?

    Has anyone played the game yet?

    How do you put the feed back in the app?

    Kind regards