Wednesday 30 November 2016

Concert Practises

Concert Practise

Screenshot 2016-11-24 at 9.39.53 AM.pngToday the whole school got together to practise our concert routine for Tuesday. It was a hot day for us. Everyone was sitting quietly except for some of the year sixes. We had a great  view of every performance that our school did. The first act was the year sixes, the haka. The whole school has great acts I especially like the bollywood dance. The last dance was the year fives. They did a Cook Island dance. Everyone had great dances and everyone was hot so mostly everyone ran to the taps. After we cooled down in our class room with the aircon on.
By Dontay

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The Concert Practice!

On Tuesday the 22nd 2016, all the classes in Dawson Primary were practicing the School Concert.

The practice started at 9:15, Mrs Funaki started off by saying the first group to do their dance was the Year 6. The year 6 did a Maori haka, the next year level was Year 1. One thing that we noticed that the year ones were splited into 2 groups, one was Rm2 and Rm1 and the other one was Rm3 and Rm4. The first group was Rm1 and Rm2, they did a African Dance. The second was Rm4 and Rm3, they did a Maori Dance. The next year level was the year 2, they sang a christmas song and signed language to the song.

The next year level was the year threes, they did a Niuean dance which was actually cool because they used actual things they use to dig. Next was the year fours, they did a hip hop dance called better when I’m dancing by Meghan Trainor. Afterwards it was the year fives did a cook island dance, it was really fascinating.Image result for cook islands words

At the end Mrs Funaki told the children to go back to their teachers. That was the end of our Concert Practice!
By Salarina

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