Thursday 11 February 2016

Rocket Lab Visit

The Rocket Lab Visit

The most amazing thing I saw at Rongomai school was when when Shaun pulled out one of the rocket engines it was very fragile. It was really cool because we got to touch it.

Shaun said that him and company rocket lab were building a rocket that was as big as a 4 story house. Shaun said that he works near the airport and they were going to launch the rocket in July. When I asked Shaun if 2 rocket engines could be used as a jet pack and he said No!! but he said once you join rocket lab you try using 2 rocket engines as a jet pack and I said yes!! 

People use rockets to go into space and to send satellites there. In space there is no gravity so they need to figure out how to use oxygen with the engine. Thank you Mr Pattison for inviting my class to your school.


Rocket Lab Visit at Rongomai

A big thank you to Mr Pattison and the Rongomai STEM class for inviting us to see the rocket launch off.

I have learnt a lot about rockets now, I was very interested in how you need ALOT of thrust
for it to blast of in to space.

I also know a little about satellites, I was surprised about how the moon and Earth were satellites to.

I really enjoyed Shaun talking about the engine and the different parts of the engine

Thank you very much.

From Dontay

Tuesday 2 February 2016

ICT Survey

Today we created a survey to find out how much we know about ICT 

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