Monday 31 October 2016

Art Exhibition

Art  Exhibition

At Dawson primary we have been doing our art so everyone can see it
up in the hall.

In Room 15 we did vanishing point art. Some of us did sunsets and night time. There was also some people who did hills and tunnels. We had lot of practice before we could go to our real art piece. So then we copied our practice one on to our real one.

When we had finished our art then we had to show our teacher, we talked about if it needed more trees or more buildings. When our pencil drawings were finished, she said yes which meant you can go on to painting with your watercolours. We learnt to blend, mix and dab colours.

When we finished we waited until it dried, then we outlined by going around the edges with a vivid. We worked on our art for weeks. We were so proud of our classes art.

By Rita

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  1. Well done Room 15! I LOVED your vanishing point pieces of art! They looked realistic, they were bright and definitely eye-catching! Keep up the great work!