Thursday 27 October 2016

Weta DNA Analysis

20161026_091446.jpgWeta DNA Analysis


On the 26th of October 2016, Rm 15 had visitors from South Sci, MBIE Science and Curious Minds.

When the visitors came in, we recognised some of the visitors from our last Weta day. Before we got started this man called Stephane  (one of the visitors - a scientist from Unitec) asked some of the children in Rm 15 to help get some sciency stuff. Rm 15 was going to learn about wetas and their DNA, when Stephane and the students returned with the stuff he had to set everything up. While he was getting everything ready our teacher Miss Zeier split Rm 15 into two groups. Once he was finished setting up group one had to put gloves and science coats on.

IMG_0071.JPGSo when the first group went to do the weta DNA the other group had to finish their weta slideshows. Meanwhile, many of the children were taking pictures to remember that day. During that Miss Zeier, Kalolo, Leon, Fusi and Skyler got interviewed.

IMG_0212.JPGWe were waiting till it was our turn, soon it was our turn to go and work with Stephane. While we were with Stephane we had to do more of weta DNA, before we started me, Herbert and Raphael had to go find the weta boxes. We got to go with nearly all of the visitors to look for the boxes, we could only find one weta box and all that it had in it was poo. Maybe it was even weta poo.

IMG_0138.JPGWhile the others were doing weta DNA I got to look at Kalolo and Leon getting interviewed by Vic (short for Victoria). They were telling Vic what they wanted to be in the future.

When we were finished doing the Weta DNA Analysis Rm 15 had to say goodbye and a BIG thank you to the visitors. On that day my favourite part of the day was having fun with the visitors and learning more about wetas.

By Salarina

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