Thursday 27 October 2016

The Scientists Visit

20161026_090536.jpgJust the sound of chattering was shocking and unexpected for Leon and myself as we walked to welcome the visitors. Stephane from UNITEC decided to come down and resume our work on D.N.A testing on Wetas. D.N.A stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. During group 1’s turn Miss Zeier told us to use the iPads and take photos. It was awesome taking photos  of the project. One photobomb moment was when I was trying to take a snap of Orlando then, Ty randomly put his his hand in front and blurred the entire photo.

The most enjoyable part of the day was when Leon and myself were interviewed. My favourite part was when we took a quick stroll to the gardens at the back, we wanted to have a quick check-up on the Weta Motels to see if there's any Wetas in the motels. My favourite guests were Victoria and Sarah. When I got handed insect poop from the Weta Motel, our ‘French Scientist’ Stephane told us how to see if weta poop is actually from a weta - So that was cool.

We learnt that it takes a few minutes testing D.N.A off any insect just to see what it is. At the end of our session with Stephane and the other guests who came, Leon and myself we both said goodbye on the behalf of Room 15. When they left after morning tea we left to ‘Cooking and Gardening’ and ate ‘Pot Sticky Dumplings’. And that is what happened on Wednesday 26th of October.

By Kalolo

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