Sunday 11 December 2016

Concert Night

             Concert Night
 All of term 4 our school has been practising for our school concert. On Tuesday the 29th of November we performed our item. Some year levels had cultural dances or different kinds of dances like the Y4's Feel Better when I’m Dancing. There was even a sausage sizzle and some juicies.

This year the year 6’s did kapa haka, we started off with He Honore then Ka Pioioi and the very last one Tika Tonu which is the haka. When I first got on stage I was nervous. This year was the best concert of all years. My favourite dance or performances were the teachers and the drumming. All the year levels that preformed did a good job, they worked hard.

Thanks to all teachers and helpers who helped the children get there performance over and done with and a very big thank you to Kere and Demitrius for helping us with the haka. Also thank you to the kaea’s - Leon and Leilani, they worked hard to lead us and the girls sang nice and loud on that day as well as the boys.Well done to the people who won the scholarship awards for next year. I had a great time and all others did to.

By Skyler

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