Monday, 13 June 2016


When it is Ramadan, I need to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. I have a shower and have something to eat then when it is 6 o’clock, I need to pray.

I put my prayer mat down on the ground. My prayer mat needs to face the direction of mecca. When I pray, I stand up and then I sit down with my head on the ground. I put my head on the picture of the Haj.

In the morning we do the prayer through twice.In the afternoon I do 4 prayers twice. Then I do another 2 prayers. I pray in pashto. During Ramadan I do not eat during the day. I eat when it is dark. I am not allowed to drink water either.

Mum makes us special food at Ramadan. She makes rice, chicken and a special chilli sauce. We also get to drink juice.

Ramadan lasts for one month. After Ramadan we have Eid. At Eid you go to the mosque and then you have special food. You also get presents and new clothes. Eid is a bit like Christmas. You go around wishing everyone a “Happy Eid”.  

When I lived in Pakistan, at Eid we used to set off firecrackers. In Pakistan most people are Muslim, so everyone celebrates Eid. I really miss Pakistan and want to go back there for Eid.

By Israr

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