Monday 7 March 2016

Nurses Visit

Recently we had a visit from Arsenah's nurses. The nurses names were Tim and Grace. They spoke to us about children with leukaemia. We learned about blood cells. The blood cells give us oxygen, white blood cells get rid of infections, platelets help blood clot. If there are not enough red blood cells you can get very tired, if your platelets load then if you get a cut or a blood nose it is hard for the blood to stop. 

We look out for her by checking that she is not sick or tired. We now have a toy monkey, that we haven't named yet in class. The monkey is to take Arsenah's place when she is not here, it keeps us company. The monkey goes everywhere with us including cooking and gardening and swimming.  

Arsenah has her own mini monkey that matches ours. We had lots of questions we asked and the nurses were able to answer them all. 
Thanks Grace and Tim for all your help and the information you shared about Arsenah's leukaemia.
By Leon


  1. i like your blog because of your cool pictures and awesome unicorn head

    1. I don`t see a unicorn head . I like your 4 paragraphs ,Leon.

  2. Hi my name is Bo I am Indianapolis Indiana U.S.A. This is a great story that you made. It is good to learn about your body parts. White blood sells are most important stuff in your body. Blue is the second most important stuff in your body but it helps your hurt's go away. The red is the third most important stuff in your body it helps you live it is away you go away. By:Bo

  3. I love the monkey because it is so cute! I like your name leon!

  4. Hi my name is Chloe from Indiana, U.S.A. I really love your blog. I am sorry for your other student.:( I really like the monkey.