Thursday 11 February 2016

Rocket Lab Visit at Rongomai

A big thank you to Mr Pattison and the Rongomai STEM class for inviting us to see the rocket launch off.

I have learnt a lot about rockets now, I was very interested in how you need ALOT of thrust
for it to blast of in to space.

I also know a little about satellites, I was surprised about how the moon and Earth were satellites to.

I really enjoyed Shaun talking about the engine and the different parts of the engine

Thank you very much.

From Dontay


  1. Dontay,

    Great post! You even found a picture of the actual engine Shaun brought, well done! I'm glad you enjoyed the visit and I hope our classes can work together in the future! Mr Pattison.

  2. I really like your blog, because there are all sorts of stuff and I like how you printed a unicorn with your 3D printer

  3. Michaela Langdon8 March 2016 at 15:13

    I like your blog because there is lots of interesting stuff on it Matua nick said stop copying us

  4. Hi my name is Theeb and I live in Indiana USA. I like the blog that you made. My class uses STEM to. Do you like the STEM you do in your class? Thank you for making that awesome post!

  5. Hi my name is Isaac. Who is Mr. Pattison

  6. Hi My name Marcus. I do not know a lot about rockets. Was that a field trip. thank you.

  7. Hi, I`m Samantha, I loved your blog about Rocket Lab visit at Rongomai. The only reason I like your blog because it has a lot of interesting things. Please comment back Dontay